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Yes. Each product is proven to be effective and safe for everyday use. Our products are backed by research and undergo different clinical tests and use derma-grade ingredients necessary to promote overall skin health
Each product is tested safe and hypoallergenic. In case that you have sensitive skin, we recommend that you do a skin patch test when using any new skin care product to check for compatibility. Apply a small amount of the product behind the ear or on the inside wrist area. If no irritation occurs, then you may safely use the product.
If you're experiencing this discomfort for the first time, perhaps your skin was stimulated by the ingredients of the product. There are cases that it is just temporary but if you experience this every time you use the product we recommend that you stop using it. Also, it would be best to seek the expertise of a dermatologist on situations like this.
You can directly purchase your favorite Celeteque products in this website. You may also find us in leading Watsons, Mercury Drug Store, SM Supermarket, SM Hypermarket, Savemore, Robinsons Department Store and Supermarkets, Rustan’s Supermarket, Landmark, PCX, Rose Pharmacy, Wellcome, South Star Drug, and other drugstores and supermarkets.
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Unfortunately, Céleteque does not have a physical store anywhere outside the Philippines.
Céleteque Dermo products are mild yet effective. It is safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women since Celeteque products are applied only on the epidermis or uppermost skin layer and does not penetrate the lower dermis. However, they were not tested particularly on this group. Therefore, it is still best to seek the clearance of OB-Gynecologist when using a new product or in case you have a special condition. Thank you!
Yes you can. Celeteque products work well for both men and women.
When pores are blocked, acne bacteria can multiply inside, therefore causing pimples. All Celeteque products are non-comedogenic, which means they don't cause any clogging of your pores.
The optimal efficacy of our products are only tested and proven within the prescribed period of shelf-life. Meaning after the expiry date, we might not be able to prove its efficacy anymore. However, as per our dermatologist, personal care products usually have a three-month grace period after expiry.
It varies depending on the product you use and your skin type, but usually, you can see visible results in 2 weeks of regular use.
You can know your skin type by consulting our Skin Analyzer. Upon completing the test, a page will also show a customized skin care regimen that fits your skin type and skin concern.
You can send an email to Celeteque marketing at
You may chat with Celeste to know more about your skin
To remove blackheads/whiteheads, we recommend that you use the Hydration Gentle Exfoliating Wash to scrub away dead skin and sebum that build up on the pores.
For those with acne prone skin, you may try our Acne Solutions Pore Minimizing Serum. For those with sagging or enlarged pores due to skin aging, you may try our Advanced Anti-Aging Pore Tightening Serum.
If you have active pimples –active meaning red pimples, you can treat them with Acne Solutions Acne Spot Corrector Gel. In case that your pimples are already dry and a bit dark, we recommend that you use Brightening Dark Spot Corrector to treat those spots.
Yes you can. However, Sun Care with SPF 30 is both a facial moisturizer and a sunscreen, therefore you may opt to use it on its own.
Yes. You can try any of our wide range of facial moisturizers depending on your skin’s needs. Simply go to our homepage and look for the skincare tab and filter by product > moisturizer.
We have Acne Solutions Back Acne Spray that you can use to remove pimples at your back and chest. It’s best to be used after every shower.
You can use our Brightening Eye Tuck and Dark Circles Lightener to lighten eyebags and lines on your eye area.
Our 24-Hour Photoready Foundation is available in shades of light, natural, beige, sand, and honey.
Our Dual CC Matte Powder is available in shades of light, natural, beige, and golden beige.
All Celeteque DermoCosmetics products are proven hypo-allergenic and are dermatologist-tested. They are enriched with skin care ingredients that make each product nourish the skin and defend against skin aging. All our face powders and liquid foundation makeup have SPF30
1. Dual CC Matte Powder – for all skin types, looking for 12 hours matte finish and basic coverage
2. 24 Hour Photoready Liquid Foundation – for dry and combination skin, looking for longer lasting, full coverage
3. CC Micro-Hydrating Powder – for oily and combination skin, looking for oil-control and easy to blend make up
4. 24H Photoready Matte Primer – for all skin types, looking for prolonged make up wear and a smoother complexion before make up application
Technically, you can use this for your eyelashes as well because the ingredients (Panthenol and Biotinyl Tripeptide-1) are also effective on eyelashes. However, please note that the clinical tests were only conducted on the eyebrows.

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