Is Your Skin Too Oily or Too Dry? The Solution Starts with Knowing How To Wash Your Face Properly

It’s been a very strange year. With the new normal came plenty of new routines, and our bodies – our skin – have had to do a lot of adapting.

As helpful as they’ve been in the pandemic, wearing masks for prolonged periods of time may have caused some of us to break out and have skin issues we’ve never had before.

The new normal pushes us to go back to basics, even with skincare. Here, we review how to keep your skin healthy with proper cleansing.

Gentle is always better

Now that all we want to do is disinfect and kill germs, it’s easy to forget that when it comes to your skin, gentler is always better — even if you don’t have sensitive skin. This is especially true for cleansers for daily use.

Go for a cleanser that’s hypoallergenic, expertly formulated, science-based, and derma-tested, and save your face from harsh, unnecessary chemicals that strip off precious moisture from your skin.

The more, the merrier

What even is ‘daily use’ these days?

The rule of thumb used to be to wash your face at the beginning and end of each day. Now, with all the mask-wearing and more frequent exposure to irritants that leave your skin too oily or too dry, it’s best to wash your face as often as you feel the need to. Just make sure you use a moisture-balanced facial wash.

Get a little extra

Speaking of formulations, look for ingredients that offer cleansing with a plus. The ‘plus’ being hydration-focused ingredients that help keep your skin clean and moisturized.

Go for a cleanser with Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) that helps restore the skin’s proper moisture balance, and hydrating ingredients like glycerol, panthenol, and sodium lactate.

Give it time

We’re always in a hurry these days, aren’t we? Do your face a favor and take some time lathering up. Massage your cleanser into your skin in a gentle circular motion and let all the hydrating goodness penetrate your skin.

Go ahead, treat washing your face like a mini me-time sesh.

Always aim to cleanse + moisturize

Properly moisturized skin is healthy skin, and moisture should start from cleansing.

We can’t stress this enough: go for a cleanser that leaves your skin hydrated. You really never have to feel that tightness after washing your face again.

For dry or oily skin, Celeteque Hydration Facial Wash is expertly formulated (derma-tested) to provide 2-in-1 care (cleanse + moisturize) with its 3x hydrating ingredients.

Make cleansing with a plus the foundation of your new normal skincare.

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