How Céleteque® Dermoscience™ Exfoliating Cleansing Stick Works:

  • Has Tea Tree Leaf Oil known for its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits effective in fighting pimples and soothing skin
  • Contains Turmeric Root Extract that has skin lightening properties to help lessen the appearance of acne marks while fighting pimples by controlling oil production and bacteria accumulation
  • Has Mangosteen Peel Extract which contains antioxidants that nourish the skin and help prevent pimple formation


"Cleansing and exfoliation rolled into one, Celeteque's take on the cleansing stick features ingredients like tea tree oil, turmeric root extract, and mangosteen peel extract."

I've been using this everyday for almost a month now and it really helped in lessen my blackheads and whiteheads. I apply it mostly on my oily areas such as nose and chin and these parts feel smooth after exfoliation. Pimples were also lessened in my chin area.

@blankspace07 via

I've been looking for cleansing sticks and so far this is the most affordable available. It smells of tea tree but not too strong. It has tiny beads that gently exfoliate my face and it does not irritate my skin (mine is sensitive). Happy that this is full-sized, will definitely buy one after finishing it.

@axxce via

At first I was hesitant to use this as I heard facial scrubs can actually make one's skin worse. But after weeks of going through bad case of breakout and getting tired of seeing my skin in a bad condition, I finally decided to take the chance and get this. And I was glad I did because even though it is marketed as an exfoliating product, I feel it is still gentle on the skin. After using it for the firsttime, I was already able to see results. My skin looked brighter and felt a lot softer and smoother. I am glad I was able to try this. I only wish it was packaged in a more hygienic way as I get paranoid of having to rub the product on my skin directly but so far I have not suffered from new breakouts. I just make sure to rinse it before and after use and leave the cap on to dry.

@jogirl11 via

After a week of trying this Celeteque Cleansing Stick. I must say super like the outcome. My face especially my nose, chin, and forehead (which are prone to blackheads) are now soft, not like before it was really rough. I love how this stick really cleanses. This is a must buy for me. I am more statisfied with this. Will finalize my video review with this and let you know in detail too. I'm so happy. Get one one now and try it yourself.

@iammajikz via

Finally a local brand has released a cleansing stick. I found the others to be somewhat expensive so I'm so glad to finally try an affordable version. I like how this exfoliates well and is also easy to bring along for travel. It smells pleasant as well and doesn't feel drying. I will repurchase

@musicalfan via

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